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SARMS Bodybuilding Supplements

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SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) all contain androgens. An androgen is a special type of hormone that is able to act as a ligand (molecule that links to another molecule), it is these ligands that connect to androgen receptors (AR).

The AR is able to integrate into a composite signal transduction that acts as a conduit which will lead to a much bigger expression of certain genes. It is this connection to the AR which is what will make all steroids and prohormones increase their muscle growing properties.

SARMS are supplements that are able to fuel or obstruct similar nuclear hormone receptors to different conditions. If your body can fuel or obstruct any receptor in the muscle tissue selective mode, it will have the ability to duplicate important effects on the muscle tissue which is able to concurrently reduce any adverse effects seen when taking synthetic steroidal hormones.

Research shows that all SARMS are 200 times stronger in muscle stimulation than steroids, like testosterone cypionate. The same studies showed that SARMS will be 80 X more selective on a muscle than using a common steroid like testosterone cypionate.

SARMS are actually an upgrade to any anabolic steroid because it can be taken orally, which minimizers the effect on testosterone blood levels. SARMS are able to replace androgens, this will increase the yield of your own testosterone and other hormone production that will increase the desirable results seen on muscle tissues.

The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) has published that research discovered approximately 1/10th of all athletes use SARMS (specifically Ostarine) to enhance both their body and their performance (SARMS are considered to be a safe performance booster).

Although SARMS has shown to be an extremely efficient medication for androgen-deficient people, it can be used very effectively to enhance muscle growth. SARMS can link to similar receptors that many old steroids like Testosterone and Dianabol would connect to, but without the side effects seen when taking traditional steroids and prohormones.

This is a new advance in muscle pharmacology because SARMS have now conclusively shown to help enhance all muscle mass increase, while it assists you to reduce your body-fat and this will in-turn boost athletic performance way beyond what you thought possible.

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