How To Trigger Muscle Growth


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What Triggers Muscle Growth

trigger muscle growth

No matter where you train - whether at home or in the gym, if you want to trigger muscle growth fast then you will continue to bring only two things: truth and reality.

From my experience I can say only that the truth when it comes to muscle growth has been bent so far that almost nobody has any contact with reality.

The reason for this is that the majority of all magazines and books dealing with the subject of muscle growth are firmly in the hands of the manufacturers of dietary supplements.

It is suggested again and again that you can trigger muscle growth in many different ways as long as you take in enough protein.

This is indeed may be the truth - if you take enough steroids and other drugs. With the right dose of anabolic steroids even the dumbest training program, as long as one eats enough protein can actually cause significant muscle growth.

But the reality for the masses of drug free athletes who think with this information to get ahead is bitter: No muscle growth due to inadequate training programs.

But given the right training the muscles can grow even without particularly high protein intake.

Therefore, you should get yourself the best workout plan for drug-free muscle building and you will be amazed at how much muscle growth is possible even without drugs.

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