Six Pack Abs Diet


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Best Six Pack Diet Plan

six pack abs diet

Anyone that has a six-pack will tell you that it is all about what you eat and they may even take that a bit further and tell you that it more about the eating that you do than the training that you do. You can easily create your own six-pack diet by following a few simple rules listed below.

A really lean six pack is going to require much lower body fat levels (typically in the range of 5-8% depending on the person), which takes time, dedication, and commitment to reach. You're going to have to diet harder than you did before, cycle carbohydrates to ensure that your metabolism doesn't slow down and energy levels plummet, and do more tracking than you might be used to.

1. The very first thing you need to get straight to lose fat is making sure you're taking in an appropriate amount of calories. While you may have lost weight at a moderately low intake, now you're likely going to have to take this one step further. This means getting your calorie intake to reach a deficit and this is not an easy thing to do.

You should aim for 10 calories of food per pound of bodyweight as this will put you into a calorie deficit that will get you results fast.

2. The first step is the setting of your protein intake. Ideally you should be taking in 1.5 grams per pound of body weight to really ensure you don't lose any lean muscle mass. Since as you get leaner you're at a higher risk for using up muscle as fuel, you want to provide your body with a little extra protein so if it does turn to some for fuel, it won't hinder your progress.

It is will help a lot to make sure you're having at least 20 grams of protein before training and 20 grams after. Again this is to help with the recovery process and prevent muscle mass loss.

3. To work out your carb intake you take your weight and divide it in half. This is how many grams of carbohydrates you're going to have around the workout, with half coming before and half coming after. So for example, if you weigh 140 pounds, this is 70 grams total, with 35 before and 35 after.

You should have vegetables throughout the day according to your hunger levels. Typically you don't have to track these too much provided you're staying away from the ones that are most starchy such as carrots, corn, and peas.

4. The last and just as important is your fat intake. To get your fat intake for the day, multiply your body weight by 0.2 and that's how many grams you should aim to get. Spread this out between your meals (apart from the pre/post workout meals).

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