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    Rene Schabacker


From: Oliver Wolter

Dear Friend

You're about to witness something a lot of world class personal trainers and fitness gurus would prefer you never to see. (And they're doing their best to keep it secret.)

But first… do you have a photo camera in the house you can use for a little… experiment? To prove a point that will change your life (and your self-confidence) forever, I want you to do 3 things:

1. I want you to set the photo camera aside.

2. Then, I want you to open the book, read it and follow the step-by-step instructions for a maximum of 3 months...

3. Then, I want you to give the photo camera to a friend… and ask him or her to…

Squeeze The Trigger To Make A Snapshot Of
You With A Perfect Six-Pack Of Abs

It is important that you choose someone who never thought it is possible that you would ever have a six-pack of abs.

You have last doubts that you might not have a perfect six-pack in three months?

Then you're going to think I'm completely crazy when I tell you that I am paying you $100 if you follow my easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and do not get a six-pack of abs within 3 months. I don't care. I know what I've got here, and it's just too incredible to keep a secret any longer. When you look back in three months with your photograph in your hands... well, my friend, I believe you'll be happy to have people call you "crazy" too!

As you will learn in this book, you do not need special genetics, no fancy nutrition plans, or even previous athletic skills. Even if you have never seen a gym from the inside, you can have a lean, muscular body within 3 short months!

It's an astonishing fact to learn, but it is true nevertheless. What you are about to learn are the identical "fat loss" tactics used by the few world class fitness models, fitness gurus and elite personal trainers…

Which Have Been Kept Secret From Fitness
Athletes (Like You) For Almost 20 Years

Now, don't get the idea that the "techniques" you are about to learn are difficult, just because they have been kept secret by the inner circle of experts in the world. The techniques are simple and natural… yet utterly devastating for your fat cells. You will be able to quickly get rid of all your unwanted bodyfat, and you will also learn:

  • How to “shock” your body into burning fat faster than he “intuitively” wants to! (So you’ll blast away your most reluctant fat depots!)
  • How you can easily accelerate your metabolism so drastically, that your bodyfat melts away like butter in the microwave 24 hours a day.
  • How you can still eat all your favorite foods (even fast food) and nevertheless lose fat faster than with any boring artificial, strict nutrition plan where you can never eat what you really want
  • How you can produce a dirt-cheap, simple do-it-yourself fat burner supplement, which outperforms all expensive "fat burner's" out there by far
  • How to use a simple trick to stimulate the literally unknown "transverse abdominis" in every abdominal training, so you get an athletically flat waist  in record time.
  • How to build up a simple routine that triples your fat burning rate while reducing your workout time to a minimum
  • One simple trick that raises the level of the good "killer cells" in your blood by 200-300% and keeps your immune system permanently in top condition
  • Why the so-called experts are just dead-wrong in their ridiculous theories on "fat burning heart rate"… and how to use what really works to dramatically accelerate your fat burning levels!
  • How a unique technique immediately makes it possible for you to burn more fat than a world class sports athlete, even if you would have been bound to bed for the last years (this technique alone gives you an unfair advantage towards anyone who did daily endurance training units for his whole life)
  • How to reverse the most feared Jojo-Effect so that it works for you instead of against you!
  • How to turn back the wheel of time to get back your teenage metabolism. (This one is especially important if you are 40+ years old!)
  • A simple trick which eliminates the same amount of fat without moving at all as you would do with 30 minutes of jogging every day.
  • Exactly what you should do, day after day, week after week, so you are completely sure to be "on track" all the time!
  • The real reason why Americans have gained an average 14 pounds of fat since 1995 even though the "low fat" kick has been all the rage for a decade! (You'll be the only guy who isn't confused in your gym.)
  • How to use the "10-Hour Window" to ignite your natural levels of Growth Hormone! (This stuff has been called the "fountain of youth" by scientists — your skin will tighten and glow, your muscles will grow like a teenager's, and it will seem like you've set your "physical clock" back for ten years!)
  • Why motivation is never a problem with this system.
  • How to use the “hyper-adaptation” trick to blow up your muscles like thick balloons… then fill them with “substantial” muscle… and then blow them up AGAIN, over and over, for astonishing growth that just doesn’t stop! (Not one personal trainer in a thousand even has a clue how to do this!)
  • Why it's important to eat everything you want while using this system!
  • How to manipulate “stress factors” to build up muscles while burning massive amounts of fat. (This "Insider technique" separates the high paid pros from the wannabes who tell you that this doesn't work)

And more. A lot more, in fact. For example you'll learn a simple easy to use, but extremely powerful technique, which reduces your need for "will power" to close to zero. This technique alone will make sure that, the 3 month step-by-step plan will pull you with sleepwalker-like easiness to your six-pack of abs.

Are you having trouble believing all this? That's okay — I'm used to people being suspicious… at first. But the truth is, what you are about to learn is what is used and kept secret by the "inner circle" of fitness experts.

Three 6-Pack Abs Lies You've Been Told

Lie No. 1: You'll need 6-12 months for a 6-Pack of abs

Did you know, that these "slow pace" methods only work for people which have been temporaliy out of shape?

If you are out of shape for longer than three years, your chances are almost zero that you'll ever get a six-pack of abs with these methods, because you must condition your fat metabolisim completly new.

Lie No. 2: You need a nutrition plan

Nutrition plans are a bullettproof way to regain all your lost bodyfat in record time. Or does your life experience tell you that it is a realistic goal to follow a nutrition plan for the rest of your life while eating your favorite foods only once a week?

Lie No. 3: You can find the needed knowledge in Fitness Magazines or the Internet

95% of all informations you'll find about the six-pack abs, fatloss topic are useless or even completely wrong. This means you can waste years of your life finding out what works and what doesn't, because most authors are just to lazy to really try out what they are writing, they only copy what they have read somewhere else to fill the space.


My name is Oliver Wolter- Probably you already know my revolutionary Software "X-Size" or my books "The Fat Loss Blackbook" and "X-Adaptation". Despite the fact, that I helped more than 82,000 people worldwide in more than 28 countries with my books and my software in two languages (English and German) to build up muscle and to lose fat this is my most groundbreaking release ever.


Because I can absolutely positively guarantee you, that if you have a waist less than 46 inches you will have a six-pack of abs within 3 months using my step-by-step instructions.

But there's a BIG problem here. The way most people are trying to get a six-pack of abs is simply…

Not Going To Work!

Here are the facts, my friend: Most fitness gyms are run by people who have never achieved a six-pack of abs in their lives permanently… and you will probably be trained (in a huge class) by people who are doing sports all day long since they can remember. These "store front" gyms operate exactly like health spas — they lure in large numbers of people, and get the money up front. It's a business.

Don't get me wrong - my friend... there are a lot of personal trainers out there who are trying to do their best to get you in top condition. But it’s as if you would ask Hugh Hefner, sitting in his playboy mansion, on how to pick up women, while women from the whole world are standing in line to get a chance to live there. Just imagine it were your job to personally train people or give workout classes the whole day long. You would read books and would visit seminars to learn something about the problems of other people to get rid of their bodyfat. If you wanted a six-pack of abs, all you would do is eat a little bit less for 3 weeks and bang - you are in top condition.

But if you are not earning your money with working out the whole day long it is a different story:

You get nutrition plans, which looks nice on paper, but in reality they are an endless pain. You are spending your time (which you don't have) shopping foods and preparing meals...which you hate doing after 2 weeks. With a little bit of bad luck you get the book of 1001 golden rules and magic foods which should make you lean, written by a self proclaimed expert and personal trainer with a six-pack of abs, who doesn't do anything but sports the whole day long. After you have read through the book and tried to figure out what you still can eat, you only come to one’s nothing you would like.

Face the truth:

Diet plans Are Doomed To Fail!

Deep in your heart you know that this is the truth. Every day on a diet blows up the "black hole" in your stomach which cries for sweets, fast food and all your favorite meals. It doesn't matter where you go...all the time, you smell the taste of pizza, burgers, chocolate and all other "forbidden" foods. The stronger your "will power", the stronger you fight back your natural needs, the longer you keep yourself disciplined...the more brutal the unavoidable setback hits you. If you fight against your natural needs long enough, you will soon walk the streets with the self confidence of a junkie run out of juice.

Face it: Your burning desire for tasty foods will never disappear while you are on any artificial diet plan. You start to "sin"... realize how good your favorite foods taste and start again to eat all "bad" things you were not allowed to eat on your diet.

As your lust for tasty food comes back...all your lost pounds come back and you start to realize that you didn't get your six-pack.

Fact is that 99% of all fitness enthusiasts blindly follow diets and do as much endurance training as they can do to get a six-pack of abs. It's like driving a car on maximum speed with closed eyes praying to reach your destination. Of course you know this is really stupid - it is stupid. But this is exactly what most people do, when they try to lose fat.

In reality, you have only two choices: You accept to stay in the same shape forever… or learn the RIGHT way to get a six-pack of abs.

It's not hard to do. In fact, it's relatively simple…

Once You Understand the "Inside" Secrets!

You'll enter a world where rules don’t apply to you anymore. You’ll laugh when you hear other guys talk about being on a diet (because you know it’s bull)… you’ll shrug when you get hungry, since you know that you can eat anything you want… and you will truly love what you see in the mirror just a few short weeks down the road here.

Why? Because your fat is going to disappear faster than ever before… and your muscles are growing at the same time (while everyone else is trying to tell you that's impossible) … and you’re right on the way to your perfect six-pack... something most people are even afraid to dream of.

Every second you spend training will now be focused entirely on one goal: To make you as athletically muscularly lean as physiologically possible… in the shortest time!

Sounds good? It is. Yet, you do not need to understand the science behind any of it. You simply need to follow the step-by-step instructions I've laid out for you. And enjoy results you never dreamed possible before.

No one has ever come close to combining all this cutting-edge fat-loss and muscle-building science before - this is simply light-years ahead of what everyone else is doing.

Think of it - no more struggling to lose another pound of fat… no more endless months of dieting without results… no more guessing at ALL. Just…

One Intense Journey Of Three Short Months To Reach
Your PERFECT Six-Pack Of Abs


"The Lazy Man's Way To A Six-Pack Of Abs"

Some of you guys have been writing to me saying that they have only very little time at the moment, and would like to start the Perfect Six-Pack program a bit later. But for me, the most important thing is that everyone who has the Perfect Six-Pack will achieve their six pack of abs as quickly as possible.

That’s why I have decided to add the book "The Lazy Man’s Way To A Six-Pack Of Abs” to the Perfect Six-Pack – as a Super-Bonus and FREE OF CHARGE. You might not like the title, but there’s quite something about the things you will learn inside!

As soon as you have read and understood the book, you are already on your way to your six pack of abs, as you only need to use the first technique (which will take you 0 minutes every day) to lose 4 pounds of fat in the first week alone. Here’s a few more things you will learn:

  • How to really get a flatter stomach (if you do lifting exercises with your legs like so many others, for example, you are risking your abs to positively protrude at some point).
  • How to belong to those people who get back into top-shape automatically from now on, so you can really say goodbye to all your fat-rolls.
  • How to lose 95 pounds of fat in 11 months, simply by slightly changing your daily routine, and which will take you 0 minutes to do. (You will be stunned by the simplicity of this technique.)

I know the effort sounds ridiculously little, and it is in fact ridiculous how easily you will get your six pack of abs with it.

But what the hell?!

You need not feel guilty about being more clever than others. Let other people sweat over a six pack of abs for years, wasting their time with the dangerous pearls of wisdom of others. It is not your problem!

You now have two options:

1. You can either take the fast-track route with the Perfect Six-Pack and have your six pack of abs in three months at the latest;


2. You take the soft version with "The Lazy Man's Way to Six-Pack Abs". It might take you a little longer, but you will easily reach your aim nonetheless.

Right, and now watch out - there’s a catch!

You have to download your version until June 22, 2024, because then I will take the Special Version with the Super-Bonus from the net for good. Because the book “The Lazy Man’s Way to Six-Pack Abs” is going to become a book of its own in the future, which will be sold separately. So there’s no excuse like “the dog has eaten my email...“ It will be over on June 22, 2024 at midnight, and I will not chase after anyone with the book after that.


This is simply going to blow your mind!

The Perfect Six-Pack book contains the "Inside Secrets"… the detailed step-by-step three month "Six-Pack Plan" plus the Perfect Six-Pack diary which helps you to keep on track all the way to your dream body.

You can start within a few minutes and don't needed to wait days before a package arives, because Perfect Six-Pack is a so called ebook you can use with any Windows XP/Vista 32-bit/Vista 64-bit PC.

You'll get Perfect Six-Pack for the price of $27,- which is less than what most people spend for almost useless "fatburning pills" every month.

Additionally you'll save at least 82 hours of exercise compared with second fastest six-pack abs system so that you pay less than 60 cent for every hour of exercise saved on your journey to your new lean midsection.

Here is what you need to do now:

1. Click Below To Order The Perfect Six-Pack eBook For Only $27 Right Now!

2. You'll receive the download link for the ebook within 24 hours via email.

3. Download and start the Perfect Six-Pack ebook, and you're already on your way to your irresistible lean 6-pack of abs.

Complete - more than 100% - Perfect Six-Pack Guarantee

Do you understand what that means? You can order the registration key, follow the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions und if you don't get a six-pack of abs within three short months, I'll return every red penny you paid and add $100 out of my own pocket for your trouble.

That means… I PAY YOU $100 if you don't get six-pack abs within 3 months. I couldn't be more generous without actually coming over and training you personally for free every day.

Sure, I could get ripped off big-time this way… but I tend to trust fellow fitness athletes like you. I was once out there, frustrated and looking for someone who would help me reach my goals. I know you'll make the right decision based on your experience. If I prove myself to you, you'll stay with me. If I don't, we part as friends, and you haven't risked a penny.

So order it right now, while it's on your mind. Because you, my friend, have a date with destiny just 3 short, intense months down the road.


Oliver Wolter

P.S. In just 2 weeks, you will be astonished at your results… as you begin the most intense and enjoyable 3-month journey to your perfect six-pack of abs!

P.P.S. Remember - only if you order by June 22, 2024 you'll get the book "The Lazy Man's Way To A Six-Pack Of Abs" as Super Bonus free of charge.

Here is what people are saying:
  • "It feels like I am losing fat hour by hour!"
    Frank Fisher
  • "I started with a 47 inches waist - now I am close to 33 inches and still losing fat each day and every day. I am shocked - never thought something like this is possible for me!"
    Achim Langner
  • "During the first 6 weeks I've lost more fat, than in the last 2 laborious years combined."
    Roger Bielewicz
  • "It's only 10% of the work I imagined it would be..."
    Karl-Heinz Hohenecker
  • "I am now hitting week 5 and already lost 31 pounds of pure blubber. Best part is: My friends are trying to explain to me the whole time that I shouldn't eat fast food when I am on a diet, but they have no idea why I lose fat that fast."
    Julio Carcavelos
  • "I was about to throw my dream about a six-pack of abs out of the window and quit working out forever - now I am the one in the gym everybody asks for advice."
    Stefan Miedel



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