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Mike Mentzer Workout Review

mike mentzer workout

Who Was Mike Mentzer?

For many years, the common theory in the sport of bodybuilding was the high volume approach, doing as many reps and as many sets as possible was thought to be the key to building massive muscle size. In the mid to late 1970s, however, a man came into the bodybuilding world with a different view and went on to have much success. That man was the legendary Mike Mentzer.

Mike Mentzer was an American bodybuilder who rose to fame in the industry during the late 70s after winning the Mr. Universe contest with a perfect 300 score, a feat that had never previously been achieved. Despite becoming one of the biggest names in the sport for a short while, he retired after the 1980 Mr. Olympia contest after finishing tied for 4th. The event was highly criticized by Mentzer, as well as many others, because he was in better shape than ever before, yet lost to eventual champion Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many felt that the event was rigged as Arnold was not even in top shape, and Mike became too discouraged to further compete.

Mike Mentzer Workout Results

Despite not having a long professional career, much was made of his Heavy Duty workout technique. Mentzer, unlike most others in the business at the time, stressed a minimal number of sets per workout at maximum intensity, with enough rest in between rather than long workouts every day of the week. His biggest point stressed being to focus on quality over quantity. Mentzer backed his training techniques with scientific facts, saying that severe damage can be caused by pushing your muscles too long and too often.

Most of his training consisted of about three to five sets per muscle, with around 6-10 reps each, workouting each body part twice a week. While many debunked his technique and said it couldn't be responsible for his legendary physique, Mentzer published his routine and trained several people to much success. One of which being six time Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates who trained under Mike during the 1990s.

Whether people believed in his technique or not, Mike Mentzer stood by it until his death in 2001, and the results seen are pretty hard to argue with.

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