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How to use drop sets for muscle mass gains

drop sets bodybuilding

Drop sets, formally known as the 'Multi-Poundage System" was developed by the editor of Body Culture magazine around 1947. Since that time, they've gone through a series of names including the strip sets, the stripping method, descending sets, down track and finally drop sets.

The drop set workout is a method in which your muscles are stressed and strained providing almost immediate growth, you begin by lifting your largest amount of weight then switch to a lighter one then following up by and even lighter weight, all without any rest until you're finished with the lightest weight.

Drop sets can be done with just about any type of weight imaginable including dumbbells, free weights and machines. To do this workout successfully, first prepare 3 different weights, each one progressively lighter. You'll want to placew each weight right next to each other so you can progress quickly and easily.

There are a few different types of "drop" methods that involve different weight variations including the Wide Drop, Tight Drop and Ascending Drop. The wide drop consists of a 30% decrease between each weight. The tight drop involves a 10-25% increase in weights. While the ascending drops, are the reverse meaning instead of going down in weights, you begin with the lowest and end with the heaviest, this method is less common out of all three.

This workout is done by lifting each amount of weight 8-10 times starting with the heaviest and ending with the lightest without a break in between.

Once you're used to this workout, try increasing each weight by around 5-10 pounds so your muscles can continue to grow, however, be careful there will be a point where you have reached your limit. Do not lift more than you can handle in good form.

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