Dorian Yates Workout


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Dorian Yates Workout Review

dorian yates workout

Dorian Yates Bio

Dorian Yates is a British bodybuilding trainer who has had a very successful career as a bodybuilder in the past. He has won several bodybuilding titles including the Mr. Olympia 6 times in a row! He started his career reading all information from magazines and other sources about bodybuilding and sooner than later began to hit the gym to put all that he had learned into practice. The nutritional and psychological training that Dorian Yates invested in catapulted him to the first position he claimed in the championships he participated in. Today Dorian Yates has established a career as a bodybuilding coach for many people worldwide.

Dorian Yates Workout Routine Blood and Guts

The Dorian Yates Blood and Guts workout routine consists of three exercises per body part and each having three sets. The whole idea is to have intense and quick sessions, which according to Dorian Yates are the best way to workout. The workout follows the same high intensity method of training. High intensity training is a form of training that involves the trainer adding more weights to the bar or machine with each different session or set to gain more strength. As fast as the trainer adapts, more weights are added and repetitions increased to compliment the trainer’s ability. The workouts are intense in that each sets is taken until you cannot be do any more reps. The Blood and Guts workouts are brief and usually kept to a maximum of around 45 minutes each. This is because intensity is inverse to volume and so muscle growth is then stimulated via the intense training.

The training sessions are hence limited to only a maximum or three per week because of the intensity and pressure applied to the body to adapt to muscle growth.

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