Colorado Experiment Workout


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The Colorado Experiment

colorado experiment workout

Arthur Jones and Casey Viator

The two subjects of the Colorado Experiment Workout, Arthur Jones and Casey Viator, achieved amazing results. It's important to note that neither of these subjects were novices. Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus, had extensive exercise experience and his counterpart, Casey Viator, was named Mr. America at 19 years old.

Colorado Experiment Results

Arthur Jones participated in the experiment for 22 days. In that time, he gained 13.62 lbs and lost 1.82 lbs. of body fat which is a total muscle gain of 15.44 lbs.

Casey Viator participated for 28 days. His results were much more impressive: gaining 45.28 lbs. while losing 17.93 lbs. of body fat. Viator gained 63.21 lbs. of muscle in 28 days.

Because of the subjects previous exercise experience, a portion of their gains can be attributed to muscle memory. This would not only make adapting to intense workouts easier on their bodies, it also meant that their bodies would quickly gain muscles that had been lost to inactivity.

The Colorado Experiment Workout

The premise of the Colorado Experiment workout was called High Intensity Training. HIT workouts are comprised of few sets with high reps and little rest. The muscles are worked to failure.

Viator's leg workout consisted of Leg Press, Leg Extension, Squat, and Leg Curl. One set of 14-20 reps of each exercise was done without rest between exercises.

The rest of Viator's workouts looked like this:

Lats: Pullover, Pulldown and Chin Up.

Deltoids: Lateral Raise, Behind Neck Press, Rear Lateral Raise.

Chest: Bench Press, Barbell Incline Press and Pec Deck.

Arms: Barbell Curl, Nautilus Bicep, Nautilus Triceps and Pushdowns.

The Colorado Experiment proved that muscle can be built very fast with enough training intensity. The methods and results of the Colorado Experiment along with new discoveries and computer science went into developing the X-Size training program and workout software. X-Size takes your results to the next level!

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