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The Benefits of Keeping a Workout Log

bodybuilding workout log

The use of a workout log is one of the best options to achieve maximum results from any bodybuilding program. In other words, maintaining a bodybuilding workout log will help you to monitor the progress of workout plans that you have done in a certain period of time. A workout log is usually in the form of a chart, and updating it after each and every workout will help you to track how well you are performing day by day.

A bodybuilding workout log could be prepared in a number of ways. For instance, if you want a simpler option, then just use a paper or a notebook to note down your workout details. It would be even better if you could use a journal type book for this purpose. Nowadays, people even use their laptop or sophisticated mobile devices like iPhone to store their bodybuilding exercise routines. Apart from these, there are a number of heath as well as fitness sites on the web that enable you to download and print workout logs. Some websites also provide options to personalize workout logs to suit the unique workout requirements of the users.

No matter which option you choose to maintain your bodybuilding workout log, a good workout log should be easy to use, and must contain fields to enter date and day of the week, exercise name, starting and ending time, weight used, sets and reps. This in turn helps you to know capability of your muscles to perform a particular exercise routine. For example, in certain exercise routines, your may want to lift heavy with low reps and sometimes with lighter weights but with high reps.

It is important to be committed in maintaining your workout log, as it helps you to keep track of your workout progress. It is also important to update your bodybuilding log whenever you workout at the gym or at home. Further, if necessary, add extra columns to your workout log, especially when you change your exercise routine or incorporate a new training method or workout routine.

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