Arthur Jones Workout


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Arthur Jones HIT Training

arthur jones workout

Arthur Jones Biography

Arthur Jones developed a special field of bodybuilding training he called HIT: High Intensity Training, which involves working your muscles to the point of failure. It takes into account the number of repetitions, the weight lifted, and the amount of time the particular muscle is exposed to tension, to maximize the effectiveness of muscle fiber recruitment.

Among many publications by Jones, are the Nautilus Bulletins, which sought to dispel many of the myths surrounding muscular growth and workout routines. Popularized by such bodybuilders as Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer and Ray Mentzer, HIT has produced Mr. America and Mr. Universe winners.

Arthur Jones Workout

HIT training is as you can imagine very intense. It varies form the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger school of bodybuilding which involves, hours and hours in the gym. Arthur Jones refined his workouts and began using more practical methods and made faster progess. His simple philosophy is that brief but very hard workouts will get the best results.

Here is an example of an Arthur Jones workout routine:

Full Squats 2 sets of 10 reps
Calf Raise 3 set of 20 reps
Shoulder Press 2 set of 10 reps
Chin Ups 2 set of 10 reps
Bench Press 2 set of 10 reps
Dips 2 set of 10 reps
Barbell Curls 2 set of 12 reps
Tricep Pushdowns 2 set of 12 reps

Arthur Jones was a genus and many of his training concepts, along with new discoveries and computer science, went into developing the X-Size training program and workout software. X-Size takes HIT training to the next level!

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