Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Routine

arnold schwarzenegger workout

Why the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding workout routine was so effective.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undoubtedly the most famous bodybuilder of all-time. He was a pioneer in the sport and hugely responsible for its explosion in the 1970's and 80's. His bodybuilding routine became quite popular and famous, because everyone wanted the same iconic physique as Arnold. Arnold took his workout routine very seriously and had it down to a science. The routine was before its time and continues to be used as a general guideline for bodybuilding to this day.

Arnold took bodybuilding very seriously. He believed someone must give it their all in order to expect serious results. His legendary workout routine followed this mindset. Arnold recognized that the most muscle growth happens when the muscles are pushed to their absolute limits. His bodybuilding workout consisted of a rigid regiment of intense and concentrated muscle contractions. As a dedicated professional, Arnold was a true student of his field and absorbed as much knowledge about muscle growth and anatomy as possible. He realized that an effective bodybuilding routine must incorporate max weightlifting with a high number of reps. This combination pushes the muscles to their limits and promotes accelerated growth.

Arnold's workouts called for proper rest time to allow for muscle healing and regeneration. His famous bodybuilding workout called for working different muscle groups on different days. For instance, Arnold would work his chest, back, thighs, calves, and abdominals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday he would work out his upper arms, fore arms, shoulders, calves, and abdominals. Arnold learned through much trial and error that the smaller muscle groups, such as the calves and abdominals, do not need a full day of rest.

This advanced scientific approach is what made his bodybuilding workout so effective. Pushing the muscles to their limits sparked rapid muscle growth. Proper healing and rest time assured muscles weren't being worked out inefficiently or dangerously. His methods are still widely recognized and used today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was truly devoted to his chosen profession. As a strict student of the sport, Arnold revolutionized bodybuilding and helped make it what it is today. By taking every aspect of bodybuilding in a scientific approach Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to acquire the physique that made him famous.

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