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Who else wants to become a bodybuilding guru?

Now you can rocket past the struggle of collecting a decade of experience. You'll become, almost overnight, a world class training expert who has the ability to transform even a mediocre program into a "monster program," with the help of which, you can develop a dream body in record time, beyond your most daring dreams -- no matter what your genetic predisposition is, how strapped for time you are, or how frustrating your previous results were...


"Due to only minimal improvements, suggested by you, on my old training schedule I gained unbelievable 8 kilos of muscle mass within the last 3 1/2 weeks! I still don't have a clue of how you managed this!"  Arndt Schmitt


By: Oliver Wolter

Dear fitness friend,

What would you say if I gave you three training schedules, which you can use immediately, which are designed to work SPECIFICALLY on you, like crazy? That's because they are proven to belong to the handful of most successful training plans of all time. They are tailored specifically to you, your genetics, and your current condition.

How do I know that these are the best programs in the entire world?

That's easy. I have tested hundreds of programs, over more than 20 years, on myself and others. I know exactly what kind of results these programs bring, how long they work, and even more important...

I know the secrets
behind their amazing success!

That's the critical point, because I will show you how you can easily and simply harness the red-hot magic of these programs, so that they will unleash their complete effect on YOUR muscles -- no matter how little experience you have so far, or in what physical condition you're in.

Other people have tried for years, superficially, to make those training routines work for them. However, they did so in a terribly wrong way, because they don't understand the secret mechanics underlying the routines. They only see that it worked for others, so they try to achieve the same magical results by doing the same.

But now I'll let you in on an "insider" secret -- the unadjusted copying of a "successful plan" from other people...

doesn't work, hasn't worked
and will never work!

Maybe you already know that, because (like so many others,) you may have had this experience at least once before. You take the successful plan of another person, execute it step by step, day by day, week by week and unlike the developer of the successful plan, you make no progress in it. No matter how precisely you followed its painstaking diet plans, stretching plans, exercises, recovery plans, motivational plans, and anything else which may have been contained, you haven't even attained a fraction of the success that the author claimed.

Frustrated because of all of these unsuccessful efforts, you are just about to give up on everything. You think you've made too many little mistakes, not properly followed the little details of the plan, and that's why you were unsuccessful.

But this, my friend, is just not true!

You just cannot simply use an exact copy of someone else's plan, and hope for equal results. There are too many factors. By no means is genetics the only one. Even a plan that worked for you when you were 15 won't necessarily work for you when you're 25, and there's no way it will it work when you're 45. The human body changes with time. Even those whom achieved miracles with their "magical routines" can't accomplish the same miracle a second time, simply because their baseline conditions have changed.

In a nutshell, the truth is: to find a proper routine that works, purely by coincidence, was almost as unlikely as picking 6 winning numbers in a lotto game, until today.

But now luck is irrevocably on your side!

Because I will...

Reveal the secrets which I used, MYSELF,
to QUICKLY become really, really good!

When I began, I tested routine after routine, wrote down the advantages and disadvantages of each, tested everything, and disassembled the programs.

I made myself into a human laboratory, in which I tested nutrition and trainings routines which promised to be successful. I started to isolate the parts which were successful and tried to find the reasons why they brought success. After almost 15 years, I finally cracked the code and published my first "monster program," X-Adaption, which was successful for thousands of athletes.

This contained secret techniques which I did not reveal to anyone, not even my best friends, to retain my unfair advantage over every other athlete, bodybuilder, or author.

I developed techniques with which I could differentiate the "superb programs" from the useless junk (of which there are more than you can imagine, thanks to the general "doping fever.") As a result, I could copy, adjust, and clearly enhance the best techniques from the real "masterpieces" of them all.

Now, if you are ready, I'm prepared to show you all the secrets which will make it easy for you to convert any mediocre trainings schedule into a real "masterpiece," and to attain the body of your dreams at supersonic speed.

Now I can show you exactly what goes on "behind the scenes" of every successful plan.

You can do the same, if you precisely follow my instructions in a few simple steps.

For example, I will show you:

  • WHY you should do a certain number of sets of a certain exercise, and how you can MEASURE the optimal number of sets, precisely. (No, in a world class program, nothing is left to chance, and all the variables are precisely determined by short tests, without guesswork, without assuming, and without any more insecurities.)
  • How you can differentiate between a bad, or mediocre program, and a masterpiece, allowing you to save loads of time by not having to struggle with the untested gimmicks of self-proclaimed experts.
  • How you can identify, isolate, cut out, and enhance the "magical" element in a routine, with just a small test. (You will never, ever, slave away at following other people's plans again; you'll just pick out the cream of the crop, and use it in an amplified version on your own "monster program").
  • How you can choose the precise exercises for maximum success, so you can make your program 30 - 265% more effective. (Now you will never have to wonder if the substitution of an exercise risks the success of the program, or if it drastically improves it.)
  • How you can execute the specific correct amount of repetitions for every exercise. At this point, most people make a crucial mistake. It's not the group of muscles, but the exercise which dictates the correct number of repetitions, which you can precisely test, exactly like the ideal weight for exercise.)
  • How you can achieve up to 80% better results simply by changing the break times between the sets of each program. (Most "fitness gurus" don't have a clue how to do this.)
  • How you can take out all of the unnecessary sets and exercises of a program, allowing you to shorten it by 50%, while intensifying the effectiveness of the training. You will find this technique just amazing. Athletes who have to execute a fixed program, for several reasons (professional athletes) especially love this technique.
  • How you can recognize the tricks and psychological motivation techniques of a "super program," and how you can modify it for your own training schedule, copying the magical effect. (This will become your favorite technique, ensuring that your program delivers ultra-fast results, because you will love every single moment of your training.)
  • How you can immediately start with one of the three "monster programs," best suited to your physical requirements. This way you do not waste one second on the way to the body of your dreams. (You'll be on the shortest way to the finish line, practically overnight, with a ridiculously little effort).
  • How you can easily adjust any program in such a way that your "weak" groups of muscles will develop with full speed, and highest priority. (No wasting time anymore by using annoying special programs - from now on you can always develop your "weak" groups of muscles at full speed, until they are your strongest!)
  • How you can easily adjust every program that you like, to your own physical requirements. (This is especially important if you are older than 40 years.)
  • How you can make sure that you will achieve the maximum internal generation of testosterone and growth hormones (making every workout will become a real fountain of youth.)

That's the method of "reaching the body of your dreams, at supersonic speed," taken to the highest level! You will achieve the COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of the best workouts in the world, building on the vast wisdom of one of the best living fitness experts, and you will learn how you can gain the maximum out of every future program.

This is simply...

My entire collected wisdom on
the development of super programs!

I wrote it out in an easy and comprehensive manner, and packed it all into a book!

This is something you definitely want to have if you are IN ANY WAY interested in making progress at weightlifting.

I will tell you how to take any program and make it very effective, in simple steps. You'll be able to gain much more, even from your favorite programs. Additionally, I will tell you how to create a monster program, to get the body of your dreams, and so that you can achieve respect and fame.

It's like painting. You put water colors on a canvas, and a great artist shows you how to make a real masterpiece out of a simple picture, just by leading your hand.

But it goes even further... this artist shows you the most excellent masterpieces of art, and how they were created... how the details were made and all the secrets and tricks behind the magic.

Simply sit there with me, and I'll show you the tricks behind the magic.

When I showed you why, and how the great programs work, exercise by exercise, set by set and rep by rep... then you will have the biggest grin ever, on your face.

You will smile, because...

Now you can convert any routine to YOUR
PERSONAL monster program!

From now on, it's simple for you, like painting by numbers.

I really mean it!

It's as easy as child's play to convert any training schedule to a super-effective program, adapted to your own needs. All you need is someone (like me) to shows you the amazing secrets that generate success, and who gives you expertly prepared techniques, which you can perform all by yourself.

There are many athletes out there who have developed routines on their own, which have worked for them to a certain extent. Sometimes they were just lucky, or they were so driven by their desire to achieve the body of their dreams that they kept trying their programs from one version to the next, until one version really made their muscles grow.

But they don't exactly know why their programs worked.

They also couldn't REPEAT their luck, or adjust the program to someone else's needs, even if someone put a gun on their heads.


Because... they don't understand the secrets behind a muscle building program.

It's like the old proverb: "Everyone has a story, but rarely two." The same applies to training schedules -- if you work very hard, and very long, you could stumble upon the right combination of exercises to deliver huge muscles.

But why work so hard?

And why should you risk your time, and your health, hoping for the luck to stumble upon a training schedule which works well for you, to gain additional pounds of muscle mass?

Why not...

Cheat in an ethical way?

Why not simply "borrow" a training schedule which contains all the necessary secrets and content to be a monster program, and simply fit it to your physical needs? This way you can cheat with a completely clear conscience, because I will simply show you how to adjust the best programs specifically to your body.

I know that this technique works like a charm, if you just know how to do it right. I know this, because I've personally adjusted the best plans many, many times. Some of the most intelligent (and best paid) personal trainers have learned how to apply this technique to perfection.

The results will take your breath away. If you use a "monster program" without any changes, your results will be "just okay."

But if you take a "monster program" and adjust it to your needs, your muscle gain will be phenomenal.

Your sleeves and pant-legs will be nearly bursting, due to the new muscle mass!

It's easy...

The difference between "training a little bit,"
And finally having a breathtaking dream body, which others will respect and envy!

That's the reason why clever athletes pay outrageous prices, just to get a customized training schedule from me. My collected tricks contain the key to the easy and fast way of achieving the body of everyone's dreams.

"Just a small change to my plan, and the missing 5.8 kg of muscle mass needed for the body of my dreams was achieved. Thanks again!"  Alexander Schorkhuber

Why am I finally telling YOU these
powerful secrets and tricks?

1. Because I won't give personal training hours anymore. Please respect my decision; I just want to retire from being a trainer for professional fitness and bodybuilding. I've almost achieved everything I wanted to achieve, and my other occupational activities demand more time.

2. There are still many poor training routines and false promises out there. It was always important for me to help people, and it's still very important for me that my followers and friends reach their goals.

3. I want others to take advantage of my knowledge, and I don't want these amazingly valuable techniques to be buried, fading into oblivion someday.

Here is the DEAL!

I'm really SERIOUS!

I want this knowledge to remain insider knowledge. That's why there are two versions:

1. You contact me through the email address, and for the price of US$497 ,- , receive a full license for the public use. Then you are allowed to publish specific techniques (five, out of all the techniques,) and present them as a part of your own workouts and books. (Using this, you can start a career as respected fitness guru or personal trainer of world class.) Sold out!


2. You acquire a basic use license for only $27,-, for home usage. You agree to not disclosure any techniques or secrets, otherwise you are obliged to acquire the full license for US$497,- . With this license you get the same information, you can build up all the muscle mass in the world, develop own monster programs, and publish them, but you have to keep the techniques secret. (If you later acquire a full license, I will credit you the price of the basic license)

Order the Perfect Workout Mod For Only $27 now!


NOTE: The eBook is delivered within 24 hours via email.


Oliver Wolter

p.s. You should hurry up! I just want to sell a LIMITED number of books, so that the secrets, tricks, and techniques really stay LIMITED insider knowledge.


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