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What to Wear to the Gym this Summer

Gym trends donít alter too much throughout the year but there are some styles to keep an eye out for if you want to stand out from the crowd. As the layers and long sleeves disappear with the autumn-winter seasons some new garments can be bought to help define your style in the gym. Hereís a look at some trends in the gym currently.


Wearing a matching top and shorts or a fitted tracksuit truly stand out in the gym, at picking colours that complement each other make it even better. You could go for the same colours as a top and shorts, but tonal matching is a current trend, picking out a light blue top for example and wearing shorts which are a few shades darker works well to highlight both garments.


Depending on what exercises you plan on doing, lifestyle trainers are a great choice if youíre doing muscular exercises, it gives you a more relaxed look for your gym session that works well if youíre a fan of tracksuits, Nike Airmax is a great example of relaxed style trainers. However, if your running or doing different cardio exercises its best to stick to running trainers that will support your feet and ankle.


Fashion and efficient what more could you ask for? Mens trucker caps keep the hair out of your face whilst training, the mesh style to them also makes the caps breathable during cardio exercise. Dark colours are usually the safest bet if you want the cap to match up with all your gym clothes.

Graphic Tops

Whilst prioritising high-quality gym tops is essential for comfortable performance, picking out some well-designed tops helps keep you on trend. Centred logos are a current style a few gym brands are releasing, they work well with unzipped hoodies to show off the logo even in layers. Graphics on the back of tops are also a popular choice, usually partnered with a small logo on the front of the top too.

Performance ĺ Zip Tops

For those who donít receive too much sunshine in the summer, ĺ zip tops are a top choice to buy. Long sleeved in a performance material as thin as a t-shirt the combined layers of wear it and a top together should be comfortable to go running in or use in the gym. Itís a garment that is sold by most brands at all different price ranges.

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