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Tuesday, 10:28
From: Oliver Wolter

Dear fitness buddy,

Let's be honest:

If you REALLY want to achieve your dream body with a passion, you cannot afford to make it hard for you at all.

Simply put, there are a variety of things standing between yourself, and your plans for a dream body – a family, a strenuous job, a large circle of friends, and anything that is fun in your life.

All of these are very positive things, things which you should by no means miss out on. However, while experiencing these otherwise enjoyable parts of life, your dream body slips away.

Would it feel good to have the nicest body in the world, if you had to live like a hermit for it?!
I'm going to let you in on a huge secret:

Top athletes have their own secret bag of tricks
to make top performance much easier!

Top athletes have a lot of confidential tricks surrounding the apparently difficult things, to make them much more effortless!

Do you think the secret of professional athletes like Lance Armstrong, the sevenfold Tour de France winner, is just to pedal harder than all the others?!

Or consider Michael Schumacher, the seven time formula one world champion – do you really think he has exerted himself harder than his competitors, or has trained longer?!

No – such champion athletes have found a more intelligent way to make all their seemingly difficult feats much, much easier – easier than it is for all the others. That is the real trick behind the success of these legends.

Believe me when I tell you that I went the first 10-11 years of my fitness training with the same continuous ab exercises, like everybody else.

And you can believe me when I tell you that I had to train a lot, just for a little more muscle mass and a six-pack.

The only difference between myself and those who lost this battle, was that I never was willing to stop, but always was willing to learn.

However, the funny thing was that to achieve my dream body, I only had one really important lesson to learn:

That lesson taught me how I could make everything much easier on myself...

Suddenly, everything had become automatic!

I had to waste 11 years of my life to achieve my dream body the "hard way," only to realize that there's a significantly easier way. Conventional wisdom was wrong, and presumably held me back, making me believe that I could only attain my goals through "hard work."

It was simply by chance that I first discovered two of my tricks, and was able to reduce the effort I expended for my 6-pack abs by nearly 70%.

Thanks to the stomach flattener, I only needed 2 minutes for ab training (which is trick 1, which you'll see below,) and along with “eat more – weigh less” (trick 2, seen below) I didn’t need to control my eating, or track my calories any more.

It's crazy! It's virtually surreal, but if you apply these tricks, everything turns around. Suddenly it’s not hard to burn off fat – it’s hard to keep it. Everybody says: "Wow, your six-pack looks even better!" and you think "…and I didn't even have to do anything to attain it!".


Gravity pulls you straight to your dream body.

You know that feeling – as though the route leading to your dream body is a path you'd never wish to tread. It's like it's an infinitely precipitous climb up a mountain, and as soon as you have taken a few steps upward, just a brief stumble sets you right back where you started.


You do not stumble backward any more, but forward! You think that maybe you've made a mistake, You fear that you'll fall back just like before – when suddenly you find yourself ON TOP!

The old rules are do not apply to you anymore!

While the others still complaining and moaning about just how hard it is to get into shape, you cannot help but feel as though an invisible thread is pulling you step by step in the direction of your dream body.

If you find yourself asking what tricks I'm talking about, you should carefully look over the list of the them, right now:

Trick number 1: The Stomach Flattener

The stomach flattener beats any other ab routine by far. The funny thing is, anyone can carry out this exercise, without any equipment, practically anywhere. They could take a shower while performing the exercise, for example, with results.

It will define your abs in record time, flat – even if you have too much fat in your belly, you'll be able to instantly fit into your old trousers without even having to lose a single gram .

Seriously, this practice puts me in a quandary, because on one hand, it supports the unbelievable laziness of some people who are looking to achieve a strong visual effect, with almost zero training.

On the other hand, with this practice, one achieves far better results at home than with professional ab machines that cost 3,500 euro or more – and in a much shorter time. In addition, you'll attain better health through better posture.

Up until now, only a dozen people other than myself have known this hidden secret, the stomach flattener.

Trick number 2: More food – Less weight

This trick is a real shocker, because you'll drop weight rapidly, without needing to starve. The really amazing thing is that your grandparents probably knew this secret, and it's simply been lost to the sands of time.

I'll reveal to you some of the things this is not:

- It is NOT about cutting out carbohydrates.

- It is NOT about cutting out meat.

- It is NOT about counting calories.

- It is NOT about drinking green tea.

- It is NOT about eating 5 or 6 meals per day, instead of 2 or 3.

- It is NOT about swallowing any supplements.

- It is NOT about drinking pineapple juice.

- It is NOT about making complicated dietary analyses.

- It is NOT about having to plan your meals.

- And it really is NOT smoking more cigarettes or drinking more coffee.

The trick is really a killer, and it works immediately for practically everyone, with great results. Especially for those who want to lose weight and have had poor results over and over again with diets, this can be to be the secret to finally getting slender and fit, with lasting results, and without dieting.


Trick number 3: The 20-seconds “Core Motivator”

This single warm-up takes only 20 seconds, and leaves you feeling filled with motivation and enthusiasm, so that you can hardly wait to go train.

You could spend between $250 and $5000 for seminars with NLP or other mental techniques, but the experience of spending just 20 seconds performing the “Core Motivator” leaves them in the dust, making everything else just look like a bad joke.

This method is counter-intuitive, and it turns more or less everything you've previously learned about motivation on its head. In contrast to the "traditional methods," in which one mentally manipulate themselves, this technique completely brings out one's own natural motivation, and then increases it exponentially.

I urgently advise you to just try this trick out, even if you are already very highly motivated, because it leaves everything that you have tried previously in the dust.
It sets a snowball effect into motion, one that can hardly be stopped. During the first three days, you'll feel a little motivation to work out –
but after three weeks you would just about kill anyone trying to stand between yourself and your beloved workout routine.
And the best part of it all is that this trick doesn't just work for fitness training...

Trick number 4: The “Endurance Releaser”

Up until now, I have only fully revealed this trick to a handful of people. Nevertheless, over and over again I am told that this trick is the "absolute hammer."

If you pursue endurance training, your endurance with this trick will suddenly improve dramatically, and your training will become easier, and more enjoyable...

But if you are one of those people who always hated endurance training, then this trick can change your whole life. To you, endurance training will not only suddenly become more productive, a lot easier and more relaxed – but with this trick, you will also learn to relax at the drop of a hat, in any situation.

It's a routine, not a mental technique!

It won't take a quiet place or seclusion to perform, this technique can be applied during training.

And therein lies the other strength of this technique... this trick is directly applicable in every situation, and it always works – you can also use it little by little to cure all your fears and nervousness, like exam nerves or speech anxiety, all on your own – all because you'll be able to relax at the drop of a hat.

Now can you understand why no small amount of the people whom have taken advantage of this technique have left overwhelmingly positive feedback?

This technique releases not only their endurance – this technique releases THEM!

Trick number 5: The “Shoulder Widener”

This combination of “forgotten” exercises with a simple tool is a true blessing for many advanced athletes.

With the “Shoulder Widener,” your shoulders not only will grow inches in width, and look substantially more powerful, but with the “Shoulder Widener” you will also attain a huge increase in upper body strength like the bench-press or overhead presses. With just the “Shoulder Widener” alone, most people can instantly press 25-50lbs more on the bench.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the “Shoulder Widener” strengthens the internal structures of your shoulders immensely, and it makes your shoulders more resistant to injury.
Shoulder problems among athletes and bodybuilders are becoming more and more frequent.
I, myself, had a problem with my right shoulder for a long time, which repeatedly held me back, and stood in the way of better performance over and over again.

But the stress there lies on "HAD" - Now my shoulder is not only completely rehabilitated, it is actually much stronger than it ever has been at any previous point in my life.

No pains - no stiffness - my shoulders are incredibly firm, compact, and powerful, plus they enjoy a full range of motion.

Honestly, only three months ago, I wouldn't have thought that this would be possible. I couldn't imagine that my shoulders would ever feel so good.

Besides, for several years I had tried everything recommended for one with shoulder problems:

- Special exercises for the rotator cuff.

- Shoulder training equipment.

- Stretching exercises for the shoulders.

- Leaving out of certain “shoulder-damaging” exercises.

- Equalizing shoulder training.

And with all this garbage, I only managed to lessen the problems presented by my shoulders; it was extremely far away from a real healing.

This was all changed by a long-lost form of training, the “Shoulder Widener,” which I stumbled upon simply by chance.

What happened during the first training session was completely crazy:

- During the first set, there was a loud crack in my left and my right shoulders, which frightened me; I thought I had just injured myself. However, it was only one crack, similar to when one straightens a joint, and my shoulders felt significantly better, immediately.

- With the next set, there was another crack, this time in my left wrist, in which I had experienced problems before. Suddenly the wrist felt really great. It was as though my wrist had also straightened itself out again.

- With the fourth set, it was a crack in my right elbow, which I'd had a few pains in for a while. The pain disappeared immediately afterwards, and has not reappeared since.

Old injuries heal, and new strength is built up. So if you already have had shoulder problems, then the “Shoulder Widener” could save an you an operation under certain circumstances. If you haven’t had shoulder problems in the past, this is your best insurance against developing them in the future.

Trick number 6: The “Success-Booster"

Briefly summed up:

Motivation comes from two sources: Fun and success!

With the “Success-Booster,” you eliminate the usual mistake made by practically all amateurs, as well as a lot of professionals – little by little taking the fun out of training.

On the contrary – with the Success-Booster, you systematically maximize the fun in everything you do, and you'll achieve phenomenal results, because you'll approach everything with a degree of motivation that outsiders are simply not able to understand.

This is the secret of everyone at the top of their fields, from which spectacular performance seems to effortlessly spring... Your friends will be stunned by the new you, full of motivation and energy.

Trick number 7: The “Turbo Fatblaster”

With just 10 minutes of the “Turbo Fatblaster,” three times a week, you can burn more fat than if you were to jog for 6 hours every week.

Before you start to wonder what this sort of training could be, I'll offer up these hints as to what it is not:

- It is NOT pulse-controlled training.

- It is NOT an interval training.

- It is NOT also a highly intensity interval training.

- It is NOT something you'll read about this on some Internet forum.

- It is NOT something I have written about this in the past.

It’s simply a workout for people who are just too lazy to jog every day, (like me,) but want to get into top shape in record time.

Trick number 8: “Blitzkrieg Muscle Mass Training”

The “Blitzkrieg Muscle Mass Training” is designed to be the easiest and most "fool-proof" way to build up a few pounds of muscle mass in a few weeks.

With just two 20 minute training sets per week, you will get solid muscle mass on your chest, your biceps, and your back.

“Blitzkrieg Muscle Mass Training” is uncomplicated – you'll notice it's actually startlingly simple.

 If your old training program didn't bring you the desired results, “Blitzkrieg Muscle Mass Training” will surprise you, and shock your muscles anew, with new growth.

Trick number 9: “Blitzkrieg Strength Training”

“Blitzkrieg Strength Training” is designed to be a simple, "fool-proof" method, in which you'll gain immense strength in all basic exercises, like the bench press, in just a few weeks.

With two 15 minute training sessions per week, you'll become incredibly strong in a short amount of time, just like so many others already have with this technique.

You can even combine “Blitzkrieg Strength Training” and “Blitzkrieg Muscle Mass Training” for optimum progress.

Trick number 10: The Autopilot

The autopilot is your guarantee that you will really achieve your dream body. However, the autopilot itself is a deadly easy trick.

There is no uncertainty of "Is it even possible for me to attain my dream body?" any more...
No questions or riddles!

Just the ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that you will reach your goal!

If you apply the autopilot's easy formula, you can be guaranteed to reach all the goals you have set out to achieve...


- It is NOT just a matter of struggling...

- It is NOT the following any strict plan...

- It is NOT the checking off any daily points...

- It is NOT the carrying out any particular chores…

- It is NOT the trying out any exotic nonsense, which does not work...

- And it also is NOT the application of any mental techniques...

If you start to apply the autopilot, you become not only guaranteed to achieve your dream body, but you'll also start to use the autopilot in other areas of your life, and suddenly be left with less stress than ever before…

Bonus trick: The “Allergy Eliminator”

This trick is included as a bonus because isn't very big, so it easily fits in this book. Despite its size, it's handy to keep in mind if you suffer from grass or pollen allergies!

I‘m not kidding, the Allergy Eliminator works quickly – within 24 hours, most symptoms of all allergies have disappeared. Plus, you can use it every day without the usual side effects that medications bring on, like chronic tiredness. It’s a natural thing you can get cheaply and easily, somewhere in your area.

In addition, the Allergy Eliminator can also help in these ways:

- It dampens your hunger (particularly from sweets)...

- It eliminates bad breath and body odor...

- It helps you to gain muscles naturally…

Seriously - if you suffer from seasonal allergies - you absolutely must try out the ”Allergy Eliminator”, because it will be just as effective for you as it has for many, many before you - you will be angry not to have known about it years earlier...

After seeing this arsenal of tricks, do you see why everything in your future will become so easy?

Do you understand how your life will change when you don’t have to try hard to get into shape?

Do you understand what your future would look like, with this knowledge?

It is so easy for you to make this possible…

It's a ONCE IN A LIFETIME DECISION, whether you will get your dream body and keep it forever, or just "keep trying" the "hard way."

Look: Willpower is a good thing, and if you are blessed with a large amount of willpower, then it grants you many great advantages.

But with all the willpower in the world, you can not be guaranteed that your dream body will last forever.

Believe me when I tell you that I know some people who have used iron willpower to achieve their dream body.

But the truth is that sooner or later, their willpower gives out, and almost all of them return to their old bodies, slowly but surely.

The people who are still left, after years with breathtaking and impressive muscles, and a six-pack, are those who have found an easy way to improve even farther. These people follow no diets, no eating plans, and still train less than all the others.

And, nevertheless, it's precisely these few people whom have the body from almost everyone's dreams.

There is no giving up!

It's like a magnet - either you are pulled with the correct pole, right to your dream body - or you are pushed away from your dream body with the wrong pole, seeing it slip farther and farther away from you.

I don't know how much you've already tried – how much time, work, and money you've already invested into your personal efforts to gain your "Dream body." What I do know is that nothing you've tried up to this point has worked, otherwise you would not be reading this.

I cannot change your destiny - I can only contribute share to it by offering you this eBook, which includes all of the tricks needed to automatically guide you to your dream body.

I offer you "The Lazy Man’s Way to a Dream Body,” currently in a prepublication, at a special price of only $27 (Just trick number 1 alone is more worth than the $3500 you'd spend on a professional ab machine.)

I have done my part, now it is up to you to strike now, to take your destiny in your hands, and to make a change for the better.

Order the The Lazy Man's Way to a Dream Body for only $27 now!


NOTE: The eBook is delivered within 24 hours via email.

You will love it!

To your success,

Oliver Wolter

PS: If you are still having trouble deciding, then consider the following – If you make the right decision now, you'll already have attained a clearly better figure in few weeks, without a lot of effort for it. When you look back on today, you will be grateful to yourself to have made a smart decision, and not hesitated needlessly.



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